Miscellaneous wotnots

Miscellaneous wotnots

You wait all week for a blog post and three come along at once!

I have a finished object post in the cauldron for next week but in the intervening time I’ll just give you some photos of yarn and a sock!

I started this sock the day before I went on holiday and I got a fair amount done despite the blazing temperatures and having little time to myself

It’s Broadripple without the holes!  I call them Unholy Broadripple. I replaced the yarn overs with a lifted increase. I also managed to keep the ribbing in the chevron pattern. Still not sure how I managed it and it’ll be fun to see if I can replicate it in the second sock!

I have been acquiring a little yarn (as part of my one-in-one-out policy with my stash) and this all has projects lined up.

Sublime Organic Cotton DK for a slouchy beret (pattern to be determined) for my mum.

Sublime Cashmere Merino Silk DK for Cloud Chaser [Ravelry link] by Amy Swanson

Rico Creative Poems Aran for … OK, I confess.  This was an impulse purchase.  But look how pretty!

I was going to have a rant about the lack of public transport around here on a Sunday but I don’t want to spoil the photos of pretty yarn, so I wont.

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