Flat land, Big Sky pt 2

Flat land, Big Sky pt 2

Welcome back!

WARNING – VERY IMAGE-HEAVY POST.  I’ve posted small-ish photos on this post, but you can click on them to view a larger image.  I’ve also put them behind a “cut” so if you’re viewing this post from the main page I wont be responsible for major bandwidth-suckage.

This post will show you a little of Great Yarmouth, some lovely old vehicles in a transport museum and wonderful calm waters on the Broads.

I’ll admit there weren’t many big skies or parcels of flat land in Norwich, but there are in this post!

Great Yarmouth

Great Yarmouth beach front at about 9am. If you are able, click on the photo and play "Spot the wind turbine"!
The River Yar - still very much a working river
These are all master molds for tankards made by one man. The originals are smashed and so cannot be repeated. Loved the Gt. Yarmouth Potteries and Smokery museum.
The original mackeral smokery (with plastic fish). The smell of smoke was almost overpowering. That's about 15 feet high.

East Anglia Transport Museum (Nr. Lowestoft, Suffolk)

I took a lot of photographs here (primarily for my dad, but also a little for me!) so I’ve chosen a few of my favourites.

The repairs and refit shed - you can just about see someone working on the left.
Old-fashioned bus (red) and a tram (blue). You can have little trips in both around the museum (albeit about 300 yd trips!)
Someone has hedge clippers. And an sense of humour!

A paddleboat trip on the Norfolk Broads.

Not too many photos because I was playing with a dog and just enjoying being on water (I’m something of a waterbaby!)

For reasons best know to the owners, we travelled in a Mississipi Paddle Boat.
Sailing boat - you can hire these for holidays (with skipper if required). I can see the attraction.
Reeds for thatching.
Now that's some sky!

And that concludes our trip around South-East Norfolk and North-East Suffolk.

Thank you for flying with dyedinthewool air.  Please return all seats to an upright position and take any bags, litter and children with you.  See you again next time!

4 thoughts on “Flat land, Big Sky pt 2

  1. My parents are from Norfolk (but moved away before I was born) and every summer we would go back for a holiday, ranging from holiday camps (in 70’s & 80’s) and later on the broads in holiday cruisers (alot of fun). Never thought I’d miss it as haven’t been for ages but reading your two posts has left me with a nostalgic yearning to go back.


  2. Wow, there is a lot of history there!! No good at turbine spotting: is it on the left, near the blue roof???
    Most amusing tank and paddle boat. Lovely reedy banks.


    1. Re: history; not even scratching the surface. I could easily have spent 3 days in Yarmouth alone.

      And the turbines are on the right – in the background of the pier.


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