Flat land, big sky!

Flat land, big sky!

WARNING – IMAGE-HEAVY POST.  I’ve posted small-ish photos on this post, but you can click on them to view a larger image.  I’ve also put them behind a “cut” so if you’re viewing this post from the main page I wont be responsible for major bandwidth-suckage.

Better late than never, right?  So, in late June I spent 3 days in South Norfolk, England (to differentiate any other Norfolk out there in the world.  Pioneers don’t seem to have been very imaginative with naming the places they stumbled across) and I’ve selected a few photos to best illustrate my time there.

I stayed in Great Yarmouth and travelled to Norwich, a museum just outside Lowestoft (Suffolk) and the Broads.

I’ve split those three days over two posts.  Norwich today and Great Yarmouth, The Transport Museum and the Broads trip tomorrow.

Tuesday: Norwich

Norwich Market from above. Large building behind is City Hall.
Spiced apple waffle, freshly cooked for me! Yum!
Norwich Cathedral from the cloister
A peak at the centre of the cloister from the walkway
Norwich Castle
View down to the market (and city hall) from Castle Mount

7 thoughts on “Flat land, big sky!

  1. Oh I watched a show about English/Dutch sea battles and there was a doozy off Lowestoft just before 1666!!! Delicious looking waffles and I love all of your photos of the buildings, particularly the one through the walkway.
    Yes, we have a ‘New’ Norfolk here. We say ‘Norfick’- well that’s as close as I dare to go with my approximation. How do you pronounce it??


    1. Regional accents aside, it’s generally Nor-flk (emphasis on the first syllable and dropping the “o”.
      The cathedral was wonderfully peaceful, especially the processional.. There was a memorial service on in the main … part (you can tell I don’t regularly hang out in cathedrals) so I couldn’t go in there.


  2. I am giggling, cuz I thought you were here in the desert southwest, maybe southern New Mexico, with the flat land and big sky. 🙂

    I love the cathedral pics. But definitely NOT New Mexico!


  3. Great pictures, all. The market is so colorful and happy looking, the waffle (makes me wish I had made waffles) and I too really love the cloister from the walkway shot. (framed in a frame – cool)


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