ToT: 10 Ways to Enjoy Summer

ToT: 10 Ways to Enjoy Summer

Erm. I realise that last week I promised a post between then and now, but I’ve either been rushed-off-me-feet-busy or ill.  I haven’t even uploaded my holiday photos from my camera yet, so it may be a while!

Anyway, on to this weeks Ten on Tuesday.  I suppose how you enjoy summer depends on how well you and summer get along.  For me, the sunshine and warmer temperatures are fantastic, but the neighbourhood kids being off school and the hayfever? Not so much!  So I’ve done my best to provide ways for all people to enjoy the summer (for those in the southern hemisphere quietly shivering, maybe you can file these away for a few months?)

  1. Read (or listen to audiobooks) outside. With longer and warmer (ha!) days I love taking a book outside and trying to block out the noise of lawn mowers! I even bought some tinted reading glasses for the purpose!

  2. Craft items out of cotton.  It’s probably just me, but working with cotton in winter makes my hands ache.
  3. Sewing!  I love sewing in summer because cute summer tops take less time to make than fiddly winter items. Plus it’s the perfect rainy-day activity.
  4. Improve your salad repertoire.  I’m afraid to say that most of my salads consist of lettuce, tomato, cucumber plus whatever else I have on hand that can be eaten raw.  I’m trying to expand my cold horizons.
  5. Defrost the freezer.  Sounds like hard work but if it’s roasting hot, you get cooled down and it only takes a couple of hours!
  6. Find some (large-ish) body of water and be by it.
  7. Pamper yourself.  My hobbit feet get an airing most of the year around but I tend to take better care of them in the summer months.
  8. Turn off the computer/TV.  My excuse is that it’s too hot to work on a hot laptop in the heat! 😉
  9. Bat watching.  I love watching the little bats scoop insects from the twilight sky from my back door.
  10. Pop an antihistamine and crack open a window.  Even my arachnophobia has a little holiday at this time of year for the sake of a cooling breeze.

ETA – so I clicked “publish” instead of “schedule” but it’s Tuesday in Australia, so what the hell, right?


4 thoughts on “ToT: 10 Ways to Enjoy Summer

  1. Yes, it’s Tuesday here and has been for just over fifteen hours!! I abhor Summer. I hate the heat and the burning rays of the Sun (we are under a hole in the ozone layer) and everything. On the other hand, I don’t want to offend Summer so I am glad you like her. Hope you are not ill now????


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