ToT: 10 ways to entertain a child

ToT: 10 ways to entertain a child

Welcome to my first Ten on Tuesday!

Being fortunate not to have been blessed with rug rats, I don’t have to think of these things on a regular basis, but I have had to do this irregularly!  Some of these are were my favourite things to do.

  1. Use a paint roller (clean) as a pretend vacuum cleaner. My cousin came up with that one when she was 2 and half years old.
  2. Forget the expensive toys and just give the kids a box and some crayons. Imagination is much better than any plastic thing you can buy.
  3. Sheet. Fort. That is all (not just for kids, either!)
  4. Teach them about insects – they will no longer be icky, plus you get someone brave to take giant spiders out of the bath for you!
  5. Teach them to knit or crochet (obviously!)
  6. Make Rice Crispie treats. Loads of mess, but loads of fun!
  7. Teach them the Sleeping Lions game (first one to move or make noise loses). Great for adults but it also is a basic yoga move too!
  8. If in the car, get them to keep an eye out for an uncommon car colour (yellow, green) or a particular letter on a number (licence) plate.
  9. Play “pedicurist” 😉 and finally,
  10. If you can, take them swimming. It’s always an invaluable skill to have and they’ll have a great time doing it!

2 thoughts on “ToT: 10 ways to entertain a child

  1. I love Sleeping Lions, we played it at school at the end of the day when I needed a tiny rest from them all. I can also recommend ‘painting’ things outside with water!!


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