Not much to say, and a lot of time to say it

Not much to say, and a lot of time to say it

I don’t mean to be silent for extended periods but sometimes I find myself at a loss for what to say.

I’ve been knitting, I’ve been planning more sewing projects, I’ve been getting out a little more (even if it’s only into the garden) and yet I find I’ve a lack of things to talk about.

It’s partly for that reason that I’ve signed up for version 2 of Ten for Tuesday (spied over at Kristi’s blog).  I missed this week, which was the reasons for doing TfT, but I’ll start with next weeks suggestion.

I mentioned there had been knitting and here is the proof:

Cerisara - further progress

And this is how the sleeve looks

Cerisara - sleeve picked up and short rows worked

and a comparison to what is probably my most-worn handknit, Sesame

Cerisara vs Sesame

I have managed to finish a rather simple sewn top.

Woven top from stretch knit pattern

It was a little experiment to see if I could transform a pattern designed for stretch knit to one for a ridged woven.  It wasn’t a total success but I’m pleased overall with how it turned out.

Ear update!!!

I’m not entirely certain when I last gave an update, or what I said, but a quick precise is that as a result of the eczema in my ears I got a fungal infection.  This is why the antibiotics didn’t clear it up!  My GP put me on some appropriate ear drops and it’s slowly clearing up.  I suspect the infection is quite deep seated and so it will take a while to disappear completely.

I’ve also been given the best modern Western medicine can offer to keep my ears free of debris; olive oil.

See you on Tuesday (assuming I remember!)


6 thoughts on “Not much to say, and a lot of time to say it

    1. Sorry – should have been clearer. Not a knitting pattern but a sewing pattern designed for jersey fabrics (like t-shirts). I made sense in my head! 😀


  1. I agree, the top is cute! Glad to hear that it is looking like the ear thing is finally getting treated accordingly. Those pesky things can be trouble to diagnose.

    Glad to have you on board for the new 10 on Tuesday!


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