Of shawls and socks

Of shawls and socks

Sidebar: hated “Of Mice and Men”. Hated it. Was assigned it (non-compulsory) for GCSE English. Hated it so much that on the eve of my exam I swapped it for a Red Dwarf novel. I got a B.


I got 150g of this bamboo yarn in a swap on Ravelry and knew if I didn’t use it now it would sit in my stash.  Deciding to keep it simple, I chose the Feather and Fan Comfort Shawl and I think I made the right decision:

I’ve now finished this, but I’ll give it it’s own post!

I’ve now cast on for another shawl/mini-shawl/shawlette/scarf and you may have seen one or two of these floating around the intertubes:

It’s Annis from knitty.com made in Aurora Hoarialis from the Mean Girl’s Yarn Club.  There is a lot of high varigation in this yarn so it could be beautiful, it could be clown barf.

Stay tuned to find out which!


Well, it’s “sock” really, singularly.

It’s pathetic how long it’s taken to finish this and it was only because I was at the hairdresser that I managed it!  I’ve cast the second one on and started on the lace.

Up next: sewing and knitting finished objects!


9 thoughts on “Of shawls and socks

  1. Oh god, I hated Mice and Men, too. And Grapes of Wrath. HATED, almost as much as I hated Great Expectations (the only book assigned in high school that I didn’t actually read all of… and couldn’t even get through the Cliff Notes). Why do I want to depress myself on purpose? My brain chemistry does a fine job of it already, thank you very much. Can’t wait to see how the Annis turns out!


  2. I am currently working my way thru Anna Karenina. Not sure how that will turn out, but I have to think I have more hope finishing that than War and Peace!


  3. Ack! Of Mice and Men was a very typical GCSE text, we also had Kestrel for a Knave (that’s right, teach the kids that they can have their dreams of a brighter future, and they will be crushed and broken and they’ll STILL have to go down t’pit – way to be encouraging!)

    Ahem! sorry. anyway, love the feather and fan comfort shawl. my attempt at this was so much fail that I quietly frogged it and disposed of the yarn >.> Well done, you! 🙂


  4. Was Kestrel for a Knave made into a film called Kes?? I had to watch it, and it was awful.
    I quite liked all the books I read at high school, Matric and Uni!! I was not so happy about the poetry.
    Right, back to the sock: very nice, like the lace. Will there be a hair picture??
    I am off to visit Knitty and see what Annis looks like!!


  5. So many depressing books out there. I never read of Mice and Men, but Great Expectations was just awful. Anyway, your fiber arts are looking great, as always =)


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