Dressmaker down!!!

In the morning I made a cutlery roll/placemat using reclaimed fabric

I then moved on to a long-promised summer top for my mum

Impending Doom

All was going well until late in the afternoon when I had to change my blunted no. 11 needle for a nice sharp no. 14.  I made it about 5 stitches before … STAB

Luckily all my years of crafting have hardened the skin on my left index finger, and the needle went in at an oblique angle, so this wasn’t as bad as it could have been.  Still, I felt I needed to respond

P.S.: there’s a new-ish site called My Sewing Circle.  The layout and “feel” are similar to Ravelry.  It’s still very much in the development stage but so far I like it.  You have to join (free) to see projects, so if you do my profile is here.  There are more photos of the cutlery roll up there.


12 thoughts on “MEDIC!

  1. (like) on the cutlery roll, (unlike) on the ouchy finger! I’m assuming this was your machine that sewed through your finger. I’ve done that twice and it hurts worse than almost anything. At least it was a shiny new needle–hopefully it bled enough to wash away any contaminants!
    Remember for the future: needle goes into fabric, not skin. {{{hugs}}


    1. Needle into fabric, not into skin …Needle into fabric, not into skin …Needle into fabric, not into skin …Needle into fabric, not into skin …

      Got it!


  2. I’m going to hold off joining another site until my crafts studio is finished and I can actually use my machines again.

    Just out of nosiness, what’s your Husqvarna? I have a Lily 545 that I bought reconditioned from the Husqvarna Studio in Nottingham when I was making my wedding dress. I love it and ended up adding a Huskylock 936 to my collection as well.


  3. Hobbies you should NOT take up….
    ninja sword craft
    juggling chainsaws
    sticking forks in power points
    lion taming
    No…you stick with nice safe hobbies…like MAKING SUMMER TOPS!!!
    Or was is some higher power letting you know that a summer top will not be needed this year?


  4. Ow! Glad to see your crafting finger repelled most of the serious damage.

    Is that the UK way of flipping the bird? If so, I’m totally using that here…


  5. Those darn 14s, they’ll do it every time! 😉

    I’m on My Sewing Circle, though I haven’t really done anything with it since I haven’t sewn much in the last couple years. It’ll be interesting to see it in a year or so when it is more populated and established.


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