Politics with a big P

Politics with a big P

We’ve been glued to all forms of media in this country over the past week because we’re all struck with election fever! Well, at least it’s something to talk about other than the weather, right?!

I’ve also noticed that our political system is, shall we say, a tad confusing. I seem to have spent a lot the last week explaining our muddled way of doing things to you lovely “colonialists” 😉

So, with that in mind I’d like this post/comment section to become a place to ask questions (if you have them).

In the mean time, I highly recommend this BBC News site which should be retitled Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the British Election but Were Afraid to Ask.

I’m prepared for the probability of no comments and lots of tumble weed since you all came here for knitting, not politics, but there are very few “safe” places to discuss this sort of thing without it devolving into a shouting match.  Although British political supporters do tend to be quite polite about that sort of thing!

6 thoughts on “Politics with a big P

  1. Hah!! Your system is a piece of cake compared to our Hare-Clark!! As far as I can tell you have first past the post and no proportional voting, so the LibDems ( and there’s a word I never thought I would be au fait with) got a larger proportion of votes but fewer seats than last election?
    It is most amusing that we both have power sharing arrangements: your LibDems and Conservatives and our Greens and Labor.
    Your election has been all over the news. I love elections, not the lead up so much as the Night and then the follow up. We’re having a Federal election soon: Hurray!! Vote early and vote often I say!!!!


    1. It’s not fair that we get huge coverage of the US elections but very little on other places unless it’s Iraq and Afghanistan (our fault) or Thailand (again, sort of our fault).

      And you’re right about the LibDems(!) getting more votes, but less of a share of the vote and fewer seats.

      Are your Labor (spelled without the “u”? How very independent of you!) more on the right?


  2. I always thought it was interesting that in the US there are High School competitions in Parliamentary Procedure. I used to get all jumbled when I was watching them. Most of what I know about Brit politics is what I’ve seen in movies, like when there is a guy addressing the House of Lords and the House of Commons and half the room is waving him away and making noise. My only question is:

    Do they still wear the powdered wigs? lol And when someone IS a Whig is it because of the wig or is that another insult entirely?


    1. No powdered wigs unless you’re a barrister in a court of law (and even that’s being relaxed a bit). The Whig party used to be the opposition to the Tories (now Conservatives) and I suppose you could say they dissolved into the Liberals (one of the two parties that formed the Liberal Democrats in 1988).

      Clear as mud? Good! 😀


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