Pins and needles

Pins and needles

When it comes to knitting needles, I am the Goldilocks of the crafting world.

Too slippery, too cold, too squeaky, too likely to cause a severe skin reaction…

but this needle is juuuuuuuust right

circular2 (by dyedinthewool)

2.25 mm diameter, 100cm circumference KnitPro Symphonie circular needle.  Aww, yeah!

circular1 (by dyedinthewool)

See, I’ve discovered that I really like making socks two-at-a-time, toe-up using the Magic Loop technique.  I’m more likely to finish both socks, more likely to try them on and actually get them to fit but also less likely to lose a needle or (my personal favourite) start knitting with two circular needles and somehow end up with one!

While I was ordering this bowl of porridge perfection (a metaphor too far?) I also spied this little beauty

frankenwood shawl pin (by dyedinthewool)

Perfectly matching pretty much anything I’ve knit!

In addition to the shawl pin I also added to my (slowly) growing catalogue of crochet patterns

crochet mags (by dyedinthewool)

From L-R: Inside Crochet Issue 7 (Apr/May 2010), Interweave Crochet Winter 2009 and IC Spring 2010.

I’ve spied a couple of things I really like the look of from each issue.

No ear update this time; I think you’ve suffered enough!


6 thoughts on “Pins and needles

  1. Those needles look very much like the Harmony needles from Knit Picks, do you think they are cousins? =)

    The Goldilocks analogy is SO accurate! I have so many needles that annoy me. Too blunt, too cold, to snaggy – that’s one reason I really like the bamboo ones I have because I can sharpen them to suit me and they are smooth and warm.

    The two by two toe up method is awesome, isn’t it?

    LOVE the shawl pin! I’ve been thinking about getting a couple of those, myself, since my stole is always going all over the place.


  2. I have some of those wooden needles too. I like them, though the needle size writing wears off after one use at our house I also totally ignored the instructions and couldn’t figure out why they kept on undoing. As a nation we are notoriously bad: we never read instructions, we all believe we can just make things work.
    Green, mmmmmmm nice!!!


  3. I keep meaning to try those symphonie needles – but weirdly the colour thing puts me off – I use their metal ones all the time though so I really ought to get a couple of sizes in the wooden ones to try – after all I prefer wood dpns for my socks


    1. I’ll admit that the colour is … unusual. I almost exclusively use wooden or plastic needles now because I’ve found metal ones to be too heavy and hard on my hands.


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