All Knitting, Great and Small

All Knitting, Great and Small

Although it’s mostly the small at the moment because of these:

new shoes/old socks (by dyedinthewool)

NEW SHOES! Difficult to find flats that aren’t ugly and/or uncomfortable.

I’ve consequently been singing New Shoes by Paolo Nutini to myself!

The socks I’m wearing in that photo are the only “trainer socks” I have, and so I decided I needed some more of those and also some of those ballet-shoe-socks that are completely(?) hidden when wearing shoes.

Footlets in left-over Opal Rodeo Cotton (I can’t find this pattern online at the moment, but I’ll keep hunting!):

footies wip1 (by dyedinthewool)

and the start of a pair of Trilobite [Ravelry link] trainer/golf/footy socks.

trilobyte footies wip1 (by dyedinthewool)

I’ve also lined up some of Anne’s bamboo/wool yarn to make yet another pair of shorty socks (pattern TBD – suggestions welcome)
I’ve also been rummaging in my stash and decided I needed another facecloth

boring washcloth wip (by dyedinthewool)

Zzzzzzz…. phun-nugh?  Dull, but functional.

I’ve also made a cover for my new phone

phone cozy2 (by dyedinthewool)

Well, OK, so it isn’t completely finished, but you get the idea!  The yarn is half of what was left over from my Bitterroot shawl.  WE ARE IGNORING THE PIN HOLDING THE BUTTON ON. ALL RIGHT?!?!  Thanks!

Progress on Cerisara has been temporarily halted while my skin gets a stern talking-to about it’s reaction to the nickel bits on my KnitPro needles.  I’ve come up with an inelegant solution involving a tissue, so I should be motoring again soon.

Health update!

Ears – still itchy and sore

Vertigo – had a good day yesterday (Tuesday) but today (Wednesday) has been a little worse, but over all I think I’m getting better

Knee – tentatively, I think this is getting better.  Application of wintergreen joint gel and freeze gel have helped, along with as much rest as I can manage.  I’ll admit that isn’t much resting, but it’s some.

I’m going to try very hard not to injure myself any more between now and the next blog post.  Honest!

4 thoughts on “All Knitting, Great and Small

  1. Oh lovely socks, I thought at first they were ‘training’ socks you wore before you wore the proper socks, but I think you mean socks to wear with sand shoes or runners???
    Very cute phone cover and if you hadn’t said there was a pin I would not have known.
    Glad you are more up than down heath-wise, you need to be well to vote!!!! Oh and knit too!!


    1. Re: voting – canny wee lassie that I am, I’ve already voted by post!

      Assuming I’m translating from “stralian” correctly, yes those are socks designed to be worn with sneakers, plimsoles, gym shoes or whatever you’d like to call them!


  2. Fab socks – and great shoes! Can I ask where you got them from, because I’m always on the lookout for flat, comfortable and funky shoes!


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