Do I even remember how this works?

Do I even remember how this works?

Sorry for the prolonged absence. Best laid plans and all that! An (un)health update later but I have actual knitting progress to show! One advantage of not posting frequently is progress really looks like progress!

cerisara wip3 (by dyedinthewool)

and a slightly closer look

cerisara wip4 (by dyedinthewool)

This is the Cerisara cardigan from ChicKnits.  2Paw mentioned something about it’s lack of buttons in the comments last time, and I do have a plan.  All will be revealed in good time! Ooh, what a tease I am!

The more exciting part of this cardigan is the project bag it lives in

cerisara wip5 (by dyedinthewool)

there’s even a pocket on the inside front for the pattern

cerisara wip6 (by dyedinthewool)

How cool is that?  And where did I get this ideal knitting bag from?  A homewear shop, where it was used as the packaging for a pair of quilted pillow protectors.

I know!  How completely out of proportion is that?


What’s this ear?: I went back to see my GP (well, one of my GPs) on Thursday as a follow-up to the consult I had.  To cut a long story short I’m now on my third type of oral antibiotics and second type of ear-drops.  It turns out that not only do I have sensitive ears, but that I have eczema in my ears.  Mahhh-valous.

Elbows-knees-and-toes (knees-and-toes): I’ve twisted my knee again all in the name of being able to move around without having to navigate piles of “stuff”.  The irony is burning.  Along with my joints.

Finger this: I can also add to my rather extensive list of unlikely injuries (cup-related hip sprain, rust-metal-gouged foot etc) a flask-related one.  I managed to carve a nice piece out of the little finger on my right hand on a rough bit of plastic on the spout of a vacuum flask.  Yes, I’m “special”.


I will hopefully be in one piece and able to show you more progress on Cerisara, news on my ears plus some lovely new shoes and some little socks that I can wear with them!

2 thoughts on “Do I even remember how this works?

  1. Well, the beginning of the cardi looks awesome – but your list of ailments…. I command them to decrease now instead of increasing exponentially – good grief! (wouldn’t it be great if I could boss your ailments around like that?) ANYway – =))


  2. You are indeed special!! Eczema in our ears??? Ouch, joints are painful at the best of times, and I totally understand your flask accident. I had a plastic cup accident in the webbing between my thumb and forefinger. It was Lorelai Gilmore related.
    Oh perhaps your button solution is threading the circular needle down the front bands??? It shows signs of big progress!!
    That’s a fabulous bag idea!!
    Hope your ears and joints and digits recover immediately.


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