The first place I wore my new shawl

The first place I wore my new shawl

Mobile med unit (by dyedinthewool)
Mobile medical unit.

And squinting* at me from a poster outside the unit?

Hmm.. Not reassuring (by dyedinthewool)

Our erstwhile Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

Not reassuring.

I was there for my ears.  Apparently I have “sensitive ears”.  Well, at least the skin in my ears matches the skin out of my ears anyway!  The consultant (I didn’t get just any riff-raff) has given me some more antibiotic ear drops (the same ones I was using before) and a spray to calm itching.

My GP had magnificently neglected to mention the vertigo I’m suffering from so it’s a good job I mentioned it!  The tablets I’m on should keep doing the trick and it should go away on it’s own.

I’m a little disappointed with the overall outcome (I was fearing being whisked into hospital – unrealistic), but we’ll see what happens.

*He lost one of his eyes in a rugby accident when he was younger and has degenerative sight in the other, so I think we can forgive him for the squint.

A reward for you having read all of that guff is a slightly manipulated photo of a Camellia flower

102:365 2 (by dyedinthewool)

7 thoughts on “The first place I wore my new shawl

  1. Well it looked like you went to a truckstop, so thanks for clearing that up. I hope you’re feeling better soon (again)!

    Had no idea that G. Brown can’t see very well, interesting that, considering how much he probably has to read everyday.


    1. Truckstops are my weekend hang out 😉

      There was a little brew-ha-ha about a signature in a card to the mother of a dead solider and someone reminded the great unwashed about his vision problems.


  2. It is a little creepy when it looks like someone is peering in the window at you and smiling oddly. (I probably just programmed myself to have nightmares) I wonder if all the stuff that has been put in your ears has left the skin oversensitive (overstimulated) and maybe even depleted the good bacteria as well. Too bad you can’t put yoghurt in your ears (don’t you love my diagnoses from afar with no training whatsoever?) lol I sure hope you get relief soon, whatever the cause and solutions may be. (((love and hugs)))


  3. We had demountables for the H1N1 clinics, they were just taken away this week. I knew about Brown’s eyes, but I am still pretty sure that the amazing wonder of your shawl was making him squint!! Hope the drops and new tablets help. I don’t envy you an election, ours is still not properly over four weeks later and we have a Federal election to come. I did see the Sean Pertwee/Davis Tennant ad: most amusing!!!


  4. Since “sensitive ears” is now a recognised medical condition I will only make nice comments on your blog from now on.
    You may not hear from me very often!!!!


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