FO: Moro Citron shawl

FO: Moro Citron shawl

citronfo5 (by dyedinthewool)

Pattern: Citron by Hilary Smith Callis Craft from Winter 2009 [See My Ravelry Project Page for more photos – no membership required to view this project from this link]
Yarn: Some Assembly Required Lightweight (superwash wool/nylon) in Raspberry Tonal (400 yds/3.5 oz). 85 g used = 340 yds/ 310 m. Sock weight.
Sizes (To fit/Actual): Blocked wingspan 115 cm/ 45.75″ and top to cast off edge 40 cm/16″

citronfo2 (by dyedinthewool)

Needles and knitting style: 4.5 mm Knit Picks Frankenwood interchangeable circular and Combination style
Dates: 18th March – 30th March 2010

citronfo4 (by dyedinthewool)


  • Yarn substituted from lace-weight to sock-weight (although it does state in the pattern it’s easy to do this so not really a major modification)
  • Omitted the 5th section because I wanted a finished size similar to that of the pattern and I didn’t want to run out of yarn
  • Had 15 g of yarn left in the end so doing the 5th section could have been cutting it close!
  • My ruffle doesn’t quite sit in the same rufflley way that the pattern ruffle does, but I like it!
  • I may have blocked it a little too severely because the poofy-wrinkly bits aren’t all that poofy or wrinkly at the top.
  • I may be a little self-critical sometimes.
  • This yarn colour defies being photographed even vaguely correctly. The colour is a very subtly variegated tonal yarn and is a lovely reddish-purple.
  • Overall, I love that it’s a mini-shawl that isn’t a triangle and will work in a great range of yarn weights and colours.

6 thoughts on “FO: Moro Citron shawl

  1. Very pretty and the color is luscious!

    As soon as I finished mine, the weather became rather warm and lovely. I hope your Citrus brings the same 🙂


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