Well that was … interesting

Well that was … interesting

You know those leaflets you get in boxes of medicine? And you know it lists all the side-effects you can get and you just skim read the first paragraph of “common” and never bother reading the bits that say “less common” or “rare”? Well let’s put it this way, I should have carried on reading.

12:15pm to 1:15 pm on Friday was not the best time I’ve ever had. Better than the Noro/Norwalk virus but still not a barrel of laughs.

Palpitations, shortness of breath, dizziness and light-headedness. I was a knat’s testicle away from calling an ambulance. I’m glad I didn’t becuase it passed, but it was scary.

And I’m blaming that incident on why I managed to make a side pocket in a dressing gown with no opening.

Pocket fail (by dyedinthewool)

Have a good weekend!


5 thoughts on “Well that was … interesting

  1. I make it a rule never to read past the common ones. It’s too scary!!!
    Fabulous sewing, right up there with my friend who cut off the in-seam pockets in her trousers at the side and then was amazed to have a gaping hole!!
    Hope you feel much better today.


  2. But at least you will never wash your dressing gown and have it come out all covered with bits of washed tissue!!!!
    I call that a WIN!


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