Which ear? This ear ‘ere!

Which ear? This ear ‘ere!

(There is crafting content but since I’ve had positive healing vibes flung my way I thought I’d better give everyone an update)

I’ve been back to my GP and he agreed with me that I was not well and the previous antibiotics were not shifting this infection.  He’s given me some different tablets and asked (nay ordered) me to come back in a week.  If it’s still not cleared up by then I’ll probably be referred to ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat).  Here’s hoping it clears up then!

So, what have been doing other than feeling both ill and sorry for myself?

080:365 2 (by dyedinthewool)

I wrapped the handle of a basket my mum made, that took up an hour and a half of Sunday

On Monday afternoon I re-sized another pattern

More pattern drafting (by dyedinthewool)

Photo taken with my new phone’s camera

I’ve also been making steady, if boring, progress on my Citron scarf/shawlette/capelet/whatever.  It looks like it did last time but a bit larger so I took a rather artsy photo instead.

082:365 2 (by dyedinthewool)

And that’s what I’ve done with my time.


4 thoughts on “Which ear? This ear ‘ere!

  1. Your mum is so clever to fashion a basket!! I love your stitch marker matching your knitting. Your poor ears I hope the new tablets work and you don;t have to up the ante.


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