Lost momentum over the knuckles

Lost momentum over the knuckles

I may have been watching too much snowboard and ski cross. (A knuckle is a small hummock of a jump that can catch you unaware and leave you floundering with little speed for the next bit of the course).

Given that we are now heading downhill into the final straight of the Winter Olympics, one would assume that I’d be gathering speed (see what I did there?) with my Ravelympics projects. One would assume incorrectly!

I have made incredible progress on my crochet top (Cupcake from Stitch ‘n’ Bitch Crochet)

cupcake wip2 (by dyedinthewool)
And it looks real and everything

and I’ve also managed to rip back, wash and re-skein the yarn from my Modular Tank top (a.k.a. The Albatross)

100purewool skeined (by dyedinthewool)
Look how pretty!
My plan for this yarn is to quickly turn it into a waistcoat that I will actually be able to wear this year!

I’ve done absolutely nothing on anything else. It’s all my mum’s fault for tearing/straining the muscles in her left shoulder, necessitating my assistance in a lot of stuff. Caring time is inversely related to crafting time!

Oh, tell a lie! I did manage to make myself a pair of Dashing fingerless mittens!

dashing FO1 (by dyedinthewool)

I messed up the second cable cross (I went too early) but I decided I quite liked the faux bois look I ended up with and so left it!

To conclude – I’ve actually done quite a lot and I should stop underestimating my ability to craft in a crisis.

Carry on!


One thought on “Lost momentum over the knuckles

  1. The best laid plans of mice and women, eh what?? Cupcake looks excellent and I love your mittens. The early cross is a ‘design feature’!! I hope your mum is feeling better, perhaps she could write you a note for the Ravelympics???


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