I wasn’t, then I was, then I definitely wasn’t and so now I am!

I wasn’t, then I was, then I definitely wasn’t and so now I am!

(Note: this would have been brought to you sooner if I hadn’t done my back in putting on my jeans on Saturday and followed that up by falling in the supermarket car park and twisting my knee on Wednesday.  I’m hoping that all my bad luck is piling into January and the next 11 months will be plain sailing.  I know; but I can hope!)

I’m so weak-willed when it comes to a challenge and the Ravelympics is no different. I had some success the last time  I participated in 2008 and I’m hoping to replicate that this year.

I have entered myself in to two events; WIPs-Dancing and Sweaterboard Cross.

Here are the willing entries:

Knotty Gloves for WIPs-Dancing.

knottygloveufo (by dyedinthewool)

Completed: One glove and part of the second glove
To Do: complete cable on second glove, finish hand, work 4 fingers and a thumb.

Cupcake top in Sweaterboard Cross

cupcake swatch (by dyedinthewool)

Completed: Pre-tournament training swatching
To Do: well, all of it!

Sandvik Shawl in WIPs-Dancing
(This is my over-achieving entry in case I finish the other two in time)

sandvik2 (by dyedinthewool)

Completed: cast on, one chart repeat
To Do: at least another 2 or 3 chart repeats to make a decent-sized shawl.


8 thoughts on “I wasn’t, then I was, then I definitely wasn’t and so now I am!

  1. Perhaps I should post you a Labrador to make sure you avoid all those pitfalls??? Peri is very soft!!! Is it your ears??
    Good luck with your events in the Olympics, hope it’s three Golds!!!


  2. May I join you in a pathetic start to the year ? I tripped on a t.v. cable, whilst avoiding a sticking out male leg [apparently it wasn’t his fault !] and landed my not inconsiderable weight on my right knee. I also sprained my right ankle on the way down. Now I have an even bigger and extremely purple knee.
    I’m guessing we’ll both be walking more carefully in the coming months.
    I hope everything heals quickly. It’s quite an achievement, doing your back in getting dressed ! The sort of thing I excel at !


  3. Yikes, if I was you I’d be hiding at home with the curtains drawn and the doors locked sitting in the middle of the bed surrounded by soft pillows. Naked. No more injurious jeans please, perhaps a nice skirt? 🙂 Feel better!


    1. But you’re talking to the woman who had to have a cortisone injection in her hip because she reached for an *empty* cup. Oh, and skirts trip me up as well. And I’m not allowed to be nude for health and safety reasons 😉


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