Black eye, cold heart?

Black eye, cold heart?

Well, it’s more of yellow eye isn’t it?

yellow eye (by dyedinthewool)

I suppose it shows the antibiotics are working. Right?!

Oh, I’ve discovered one craft I can do while feeling dizzy:

010:365 2 (by dyedinthewool)

It promises to be a bookmark!  Let’s see if I’m capable of following instructions, hey?! In the mean time, have fun guessing what it’s supposed to be!


6 thoughts on “Black eye, cold heart?

  1. I’m feeling dense, because I don’t understand how the antibiotics could give you a black eye. But I’m glad you could find something to do while dizzy, because doing nothing… well, let’s just not even discuss the possibility.


    1. It’s odd, isn’t it. My mum has a theory; the infection is moving out of the ear and into my sinuses (as you know, they’re all connected) and the pressure or the infection itself has bruised the tissues around the eye. Or I punched myself in my sleep.


  2. OK, that’s officially the weirdest antibiotic reaction. Mind you, you would probably fit right in at a fashion show, they tend to have eye make up that looks like that!!
    Oh nice cross stitch, is it half of a person?? I am hopeless at guessing.


  3. Is it a doggie in profile? Cross stitch is so pretty, one of these days I may try it. I’m glad you can do something while you are dizzy.

    That is a doozy of a sinus infection! ****recovery vibes**** =)


  4. That eye is a doozy!
    Could it be the result of a Wii boxing accident.
    Side on the bookmark sewing looks like a blue pussycat with a darker blue tail….but I am a mad cat woman.


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