WIP Friday: I’m nothing if not inconsistent

WIP Friday: I’m nothing if not inconsistent

I do march to the beat of my own drum occasionally!

I’m leaving aside the unfinished objects (the UFOs) since that would require two or three posts, and just focusing on what’s currently occupying my time.

Aestlight 2

aestlight2 wip3 (by dyedinthewool)

Progress has been slow (more on that later) but I’m now on to the third lace repeat on the border.


I know what I said in my NOT RESOLUTIONS post about crochet motifs, but I don’t think I said I’d be giving them up completely!

I’ve joined a Crochet-Along over on Ravelry (that’s also running on Craftster) in which you make one 12 inch square a month for a year.  Rather conventionally both it and I have started in January (I know!).

This was the start of the Ravelry square, E-ZEE, V-ZEE:

CAL January Rav sq WIP (by dyedinthewool)

I say was because it was only when I read the instructions for the third time that I realised I’d make a mistake on the second round.  I ripped it and will start again later.

This is the Craftster square, Cute as a Button:

CAL January Craftster sq WIP (by dyedinthewool)

I’m not sure the centre is quite right, but it looks okay overall.

Right, on why I’ve done so little…

Since New Year’s Eve and my official diagnosis of labyrinthitis I’ve swallowed the eardrops and put the betahistine in my ears, just like the doctor told me.  However, I’ve found it very difficult to do anything other than stare straight ahead at a computer screen or a TV without feeling very woozy and queasy.  This also includes crafting which, logic would dictate, is all about sitting still and staring at one spot. Nope.  It’s been a week and although I was getting better, I’m not any more (in fact I’m getting worse) so tomorrow morning I’m back to the doctor’s.  Some birthday treat that is, having a probe shoved in your lug hole!

That was a somewhat long-winded explanation as to what could be another absence from the blog.  I’m managing to take photos for Project 365 in the small window of non-drowsiness/non-queasiness that the betahistine gives me.


3 thoughts on “WIP Friday: I’m nothing if not inconsistent

  1. Bah humbug to all the poorliness. You would think sitting still and sitting still and knitting or crocheting would be almost the same. Wouldn’t you??
    Hope your lugholes are well soon.
    Lovely Aestlight 2, and very nice squares!! One a month is very manageable.
    The Labradors send you happy tail wags and soulful stares!!!


  2. Not the LUG hole! Vertigo is no fun =( **sending wellness vibes** cue weird buzzing sound….

    Anyway, hope you feel lots better real soon ((hugs))


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