Project 365: I made it!

Project 365: I made it!

Can you Adam and Eve it?

For three hundred and sixty five days in late 2008 and most of 2009 I took a photograph of some part of me.

Rather than face you with all of them all at once (I’m not that cruel) I picked 12 of my favourite shots.  Some (like the one of me in front of the lighthouse) are happy memories and others (like the magnifying glass lips) I really like artistically.

365 Round 1 pick (by dyedinthewool)

Twelve of my favourite shots from the first round of Project 365

1. 365:022, 2. 365:033, 3. 365:045, 4. 365:061, 5. 365:096, 6. 365:159, 7. 365:182 L is for, 8. 365:132 H, 9. 365:224, 10. 365:317, 11. 365:333, 12. 365:358

Created with fd’s Flickr Toys

If you’d like to view all the photos I took, the Flickr set is here.

Being a sucker for punishment, I took the decision to start Round 2 on the 1st of January 2010.  To make the photos easier to access, I set up a blog here.  The theme is really cool because it changes colour based on the photographs (have a play with it!)


5 thoughts on “Project 365: I made it!

  1. Oh that is magic!! that’s so clever and amazing: the whole colour changing thing!!
    You showed great stick-ability, well done. A nice assortment of pictures to share though you do look worried in a few of them!!!


  2. Good job! I was desperate to get to the end of my 365, and NO WAY will I do it again. Good for you, though, for persevering. The one with the stack of hats is especially adorable.


    1. Hi Jodi,

      Thanks for the comment. Although it was tough (and it was a tough year in general for me) I think it was worth it. I’m a lot less precious about my appearance and I think my photography skills have improved. That’s the idea about Round 2 – improvement!



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