2010 To Do List

2010 To Do List

  1. Don’t die
  2. If succeed at 1, try not to get too ill
  3. If 1 and 2 go well, remember to do your physiotherapy
  4. Assuming 1-3 are on track, try to get outside more.  You’re in danger of resembling a vampire in skin tone
  5. As a follow up to 1-4, go on holiday.  You deserve it
  6. Try not to kill any relatives or neighbours. Yes they’re annoying and yes prison would be a nice break but that’s not what I meant by “go on holiday”
  7. Learn to crochet in a straight line.  Woman cannot live by circular motif alone
  8. Use more stash yarn.  No matter how much you tell yourself this, it is not house insulation
  9. Try to laugh a little more or, failing that, roll with punches
  10. Yes, it’s the last series of Lost but don’t get angry when it turns out to be about God and the Devil playing chess with the human race, okay?

7 thoughts on “2010 To Do List

  1. Good luck with Nos 1 through 4 and ergo 5!! I usually try to do 1 thought 4 as well, especially as my Vitamin D levels are somewhat low!!!
    #10- Oh I hope not. I have kind of given up but could be drawn back in to the last season, if it is sensible!!
    I think your list shows an excellent example of #9, most amusing!!
    Try not to #6. That could become my catch phrase this year: Behave or I’ll #6 you!!!


  2. Good luck with those resolutions, they seem quite sound.

    And no, we don’t do Christmas cake in the US. Fruitcakes of any kind are extremely unpopular. But I do like the look of your cake, so perhaps I can make one for next year. Fruitcake, booze and marzipan – might be do-able.


  3. Nice to do list! And as for #10 – when they said this was the last season, I said “OH thank GOD!” It has been one of the most exhausting of TV series, and your explanation actually makes more sense than the whole show combined. I’m with 2paw, that phrase may catch on!


  4. Good luck with your resolutions. I think I need to adopt these (with the exception of #10, I don’t have a TV!).

    And if we have decent weather, and a comfy chair, we can knock off #4 and #8 at the same time with a bit of al fresco knitting…

    (and thanks for the comment on my berets!)


  5. #8 made me laugh out loud. I have been avoiding my stash — need to get it organized and see what the heck is in there. That’s also on my To Do List for 2010.


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