Mopping up

Mopping up

A few loose ends to tie up before heading into 2010 (can you believe it?! I remember when I was a child thinking that the 21st Century was so far away and now we’re done with the first decade of it!)

I made (with some difficulty due to illness) a pair of Dashing wrist-warmers for my brother

Here he is modelling them in a very professional style!

Dashing mosaic (by dyedinthewool)

I used some very “inexpensive” acrylic/wool aran-weight yarn right up until 8 rounds before the end of the second mitt when I ran out! I quickly dived into my stash and came up with some acrylic camo-coloured DK-weight that 2Paw sent me a while back and made the best of it.

I’ve been reliably informed that Americans don’t “do” Christmas cake (the mind, it boggles) so I took some photos of it decorated and on of it sliced and ready to be eaten

xmascake09 (by dyedinthewool)


I made a pile of snow balls from icing and made it look like Father Christmas was throwing one! The top was done to look like a snow drift and I create icicles to hang down the sides.

xmascake09 2 (by dyedinthewool)

The cake itself is a Dundee cake (a light fruit cake with raisins, currants, mixed peel and cherries) covered with marzipan (almond paste) and royal icing.

As the year started, so shall it finish …

At 5:30 am on Boxing Day I woke up rather abruptly and then spent the next hour and a half desperately trying not to be “ill”.  I assumed I got a chill on Christmas Day, but it seems to be an inner ear infection.  I’m really dizzy and feeling quite sorry for myself.  I’m currently consuming fruit tea with ginger and honey in it every few hours and that really does seem to work to alleviate the symptoms for a while.  One thing I’ve discovered is that when I’m knitting and watching the TV I flick my eyes up and down a lot.  Can’t do that at the moment, so I’m either watching or knitting, not both. It’s driving me a bit loopy (who’d tell, I know) and I’ve manage to get a doctor’s appointment this very afternoon.

And onwards

The new year will bring me unfinished objects, more long-planned crafting projects and new yarn bought with my Christmas money.


5 thoughts on “Mopping up

  1. I thought I recognised the camo wool, and then I realised I did!! Nice mittens and nice modelling too, it must run in the family the modelling gene!! Here at our house we don’t recognise the end of the decade until the end of 2010, though of course any year can be the end of a decade!! We don.t have a Blue Moon in December, we have out Blue Moon in January, and no full moon at all in February!!!
    They don’t do Christmas Cake??I am shocked. Your cake looks delicious and very cute!!
    Sorry to hear you are unwell, ears featured at our house last year too.
    Be well, and we wish you a happy and health 2010 (woof woof lick)


  2. Sending wellness vibes, and hope your equilibrium is restored soon. I don’t think Americans know about Christmas cakes, I’ve never heard of it, maybe no one knows it’s an option? =) (then again, I don’t do Christmas, so I don’t know everything)


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