Good Girl Gone Bad?

Good Girl Gone Bad?


The Lure of the New and Shiny!


Work in Progress Thursday!

First things first, thank you for the comments and compliments on my two recent finished objects.  Pure coincidence they were completed so close together (I’d been working on those socks for my mum since June) so I’m afraid it may give something of a false impression of my productivity!

I’m making progress on the Sandvik shawl:

sandvik2 (by dyedinthewool)

Obviously, the longer the rows get, the fewer I manage to complete in a given time so to my eyes it looks as if my progress has gone down the tubes.  I have to remind myself that I’m still working the same number of stitches!

Being ill in bed has disadvantages beyond the obvious.  I am left alone with not much to do other than plan and craft.  And become enchanted by the new and the pretty.


snapdragon1 (by dyedinthewool)

Snapdragon Tam from Whimsical Little Knits 2 in Cascade 220


starfloweroct1 (by dyedinthewool)

Starflower socks [link] by Jeannie Cartmel in Krafty Koala sock yarn in the Gothic Rose colourway

Apparently, Autumn 2009 is all about cables and texture for me!

The socks are for the Socknitters Anonymous Ravelry group’s Sockdown challenge for October 2009 (the choices were Holiday Stocking, Man’s Sock, Sock for a Cause or the designer Jeannie Cartmel)

And the tam is for me!  I’m going to make the matching flip-top mittens as well, but in the Cascade Quattro I purchased at the same time as the plain 220.  I’m not a great fan of matchy-matchy stuff so the fact the tam and mittens will be similar but not the same pleases me immensely!

Apparently I now have viral tracheitis (?sp).  It’s not too bad so far and I’m hoping that my relapse may, ironically, have been beneficial in allowing my immune system to do it’s stuff.  Fingers crossed.

And having read this post, remember to wash your hands lest I infect you!

2 thoughts on “Good Girl Gone Bad?

  1. Is that an inflamed trachea caused by a virus? Sounds painful! I love all your new projects, it’s good that we knitters have something we can do when we are sick. =) Hope your immune systems kicks in real soon.


  2. We are all smugly vaccinated and thoroughly drugged, so we read your blog with no fear. Maybe some of your enchantment may be due to drugs?? Hope you recover quickly. Does it mean you can’t talk??
    I understand about the matchiness, though I am afraid I am quite matchy myself. Love the hat and the socks, the socks are so pretty!! Is the wool really from koalas??


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