Use it or lose it

Use it or lose it

As part of my no-nonsense, all encompassing Purge of Stuff ’09 (TM) I’m taking a hard look at all my unfinished objects.

As a slight side-bar I consider an UnFinished Object (UFO) distinct from a Work In Progress (WIP) if I haven’t worked on it in a couple of weeks. Items can slip in and out of WIP and UFO status because I tend to work on things in intense bursts and then put them to one side.  Your mileage may vary.

With the Purge of Stuff (TM) in mind I’ve decided that the following items no long deserve to be in the UFO pile and will be returned to the yarn stash;

Mystery Shawl Whatever:

msufo (by dyedinthewool)

As you can see, I stopped mid-row. Never a good sign.

Nice idea at the time, and I love the shape of it, but I messed up a couple of rows and got disillusioned with it.  I also saw a couple of finished ones and I’m not sure it’s “me”.

I’m now thinking about a simpler Faroese-style shawl and I’ve just purchased Wendyknit’s Sandvik Faroese Shawl which looks ideal.

Guided by Love socks:

gbl ufo (by dyedinthewool)

I loved the design of these socks (and I bought the pattern for a cause) but I over-estimated the circumference of my foot and it’s too loose.  I could finish the second one and give them to my mum but she is neither a lace nor a bead person and they’re not high enough for her tastes.

The following items will continue to marinate in the UFO pile until I bring them into circulation:

Knotty Gloves

knottygloveufo (by dyedinthewool)

Never start knitting gloves in Spring.  Total waste of time.  Will get a wriggle on soon and finish the second glove.

Monster Crochet Blanket:

monstercrochetblanketufo (by dyedinthewool)

I need to keep this close to me so I can just make a square every day; I’ll soon be done.

Modular Tank:

modtankwip (by dyedinthewool)

Slipped from WIP to UFO status but best to work in short bursts due to the repetitious nature of the pattern.  I’m also not sure how I’m going to work the closure for this (the pattern has you lace it, but that’s not very practical for me).

Traditional Gansey Socks

tradgansockwip (by dyedinthewool)

Ooops! These were supposed to be finished within Wimbledon fortnight.  I’ll give you a second to do the calendar maths on that one.  Yeah.  I’ll get there!

Boudica Socks:

boudicaufo (by dyedinthewool)

Due to the cables on the sides of these socks, they were relegated to podcast/radio knitting only and it’s very easy for that type of knitting to slip into the long-term UFO pile.  I think that once my mum’s Traditional Gansey Socks are finished, I’ll try to get them back into circulation.

Well, I’ve got a WIP that will very shortly become an FO (Finished Object) so I’ll see you then!

5 thoughts on “Use it or lose it

  1. It’s a brave thing to bite the bullet, so to speak, and consign a piece to the unravelling pile, but you are right, it has to be done. And, it gives you more time to work on the things you really like. Hmm, lacing, not an option for me either!!!!


  2. Looking forward to the FO! I’m having the same WIP projects problem as you are – nothing mindless on the needles, which makes it hard to get all the more concentration-necessary ones worked on!


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