First things first; I was so touched and moved by the response to my previous post. I’ve been fairly open about my physical limitations in the past, but my mental limitations have as much of an impact on me. The good news is I’m doing a lot better on the new tablets, the doctor is very pleased with how I’ve responded to them and things seem a lot brighter.

OK then, on to crafting.  No, really!

My concentration levels have waxed and waned almost hourly so I’ve been flitting between two projects; one knit and one crochet.

The crochet project I gave a little sneak preview of last time, but I can show a little more of my progress now

raeanneshawlsweater1 (by dyedinthewool)

Progress on the main body of the sweater

This is the RaeAnne Shawl Sweater from Blueprint Crochet by Robyn Chachula (on whom I have a developing crochet-crush).  The motifs were memorised after about the 6th square so it’s just time and numbers that are the issue now.

The yarn I’m using is Sublime Merino Angora DK that I got for an absolute steal in an online sale (no way I could have afforded it otherwise) and it is heavenly-soft.  The yarn in the pattern was a merino/cotton blend so I thought the substitution would work well, with the angora having little to no elastic memory like the cotton.

The second, knit, project I’m working on is the Endless Shawl Cardi from StitchDiva (what is it with me a cardigan-shawl mash-ups at the moment?)

endless2 (by dyedinthewool)

endless1 (by dyedinthewool)

How serendipitous that the stitch markers I made match the yarn I bought!

It’s fairly monotonous and the only concern I have is the amount of yarn I have.  There’s no getting any more where that came from since the dyer faked her own death.  Shame; she was talented.

And finally …

I have categorised all my yarn.  All of it.

And in order to justify having all of the yarn I’m getting rid of some of it and using most of the rest of it.  To whit …

chunkycrochetblanketyarn (by dyedinthewool)

Behold!  The makings of a crochet blanket.

So, here’s hoping my next post appears sometime before the next decade.


5 thoughts on “Remiss

  1. ok…don’t take this the wrong way…but when I saw the picture of the shawlsweater I instantly thought about crumpets covered in maple syrup. Now I have to go to the supermarket….to get crumpets and maple syrup…see you are inspiring me !!!!!


  2. MrsDrWho I am pretty sure you already HAVE proper maple syrup left over from Canadian-style brunch with big pikelets, bacon and maple syrup!!!
    Enough of the pantry chatter, ooh nice crocheting!! Is that the fronts and the back??? Good bargain too.
    It is very serendipitous to have matching stitch markers, and jolly good that they are not too matchy or you would lose them in your knitting!!!
    Glad your new drugs are efficacious!!!


  3. Crochet still confuses me, but you seem to really be getting the hang of it quite well. Maybe someday…

    I love love LOVE the yarn you are using for the endless shawl cardi (and the stitch markers) it’s so beautiful how the colors ebb and flow.

    Isn’t the blogging community just the most supportive group?


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