Absolutely, give me 20 seconds…

Absolutely, give me 20 seconds…

Not dead.

Not really OK, either.

Have a “journey” (god, I hate when people say that) to go on and I can’t quite see the light at the end of the tunnel yet.

Hanging around on Ravelry, Plurk and Facebook and occasionally checking email.

Will be back.




7 thoughts on “Absolutely, give me 20 seconds…

  1. Hey! I’ve been on a couple journeys in the last year that haven’t been so easy. Take care of yourself. Do something that a child would do (blow bubbles?) once in a while and don’t let yourself slip without asking for help. Preferably before you need it.


  2. The only good journey involves things like duty free shopping, stamps in passport, extra lunches, morning teas, shopping, wine at 3 o’clock with your scones jam and cream, scenery and touristing.
    Any other kind sucks.
    Finish yours as fast as you can.
    May The Force Be With You.


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