Don’t Do It Yourself

Don’t Do It Yourself

Can I put up a shelf? Yes.

Can I clean a clogged drain? Yes.

Can I take my MacBook apart to clean the fan without frying one of my memory cards? No.

Do I feel like an idiot for not earthing myself first? Yes.

Moving on …

Welsh Poppies mosaic (by dyedinthewool)

These are Welsh poppies growing down the side of the house.  I’m not sure if they were planted on purpose or if they just arrived, but I love how un-British they look.  You don’t expect to see flowers this vivid here, but here they are!

After being positively tropical over the past few days, the weather’s turned and is now very much knitting-friendly again.

I’ve started the gusset increases on the second Gusset Heel Basic Socks (from Socks from the Toe Up by WendyKnits)

gusset heel sock 9

Both socks together to prove I’m not recycling photographs!

and Springwatch is still providing an hour of excellent knitting-time.

I’m slowing down on the row-progress on the Goddessknits Anniversary Mystery Shawl ’09, but I think I’m maintaining the same stitch-rate

ms09 03-06-09 2

Beige cotton yarn is the “lifeline”

ms09 03-06-09 1

I’d like to claim the mobile phone is for scale, but I think we all know it’s to hold the cable flat while I photograph it!  Check-out the cameo by my knee! 😀

You increase two stitches per panel (of which there are six) every other right side row to create the “bat effect” (according to Mrs Dr Who!) so, of course, there are 12 more stitches every four rows.  I think I’m knitting the same numer of stitches in each session as before, but the progress appears much slower due to the increased number of stitches per panel.

P.S. This post is brought to you from my Mac.  I had two memory cards and it works with one, so I’m alright with that!


2 thoughts on “Don’t Do It Yourself

  1. Same thing happened to my laptop a couple of years ago and it was done by a certified technician (the husband) so don’t feel too bad about yourself. I’m still waiting for him to retrieve my data off the machine.

    Who knew there were so many different colors of poppies? (probably everyone but me) Those are super pretty.

    Mystery Shawl is gorgeous and the socks are rocking along!


  2. Oh my god woman, why are you taking your computery thing apart??? Stop immediately!!!! The most I ever open is the cd tray, which I do know is NOT a cup holder!!!
    Beautiful poppies and lovely Bat Knitting!!!


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