Designation 2 of 5

Designation 2 of 5

Although it’s not wearing a slivery spandex bodysuit (calm down) it is the completed second clue (of five) of the Anniversary Mystery Shawl ’09

ms09 30-05-09 (by dyedinthewool)

I will be spending the rest of the weekend knitting Clue 3 and trying to avoid pollen and barbecue-fumes.  Yeah, right!

Take care, and don’t forget to Slip, Slap, Slop!


4 thoughts on “Designation 2 of 5

  1. The Lacy bat has morphed!!!!
    Very nice.
    Slip slop slap?? In the UK? Really? 😉
    Ok ok….I got sunburt in England once….well nearly. I would have, I bet, if it had been hot enough to take off my cardy!!!!


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