Tall Buildings in a Single Bound

Tall Buildings in a Single Bound

OK, I’m not that much better, but I’m certainly in less pain and actually able to put weight on my leg!

I finished clue one of the Anniversary Mystery Shawl ’09 (try saying that when you’re medicated!)

ms09 22-05-09Sorry for the rubbish quality of the photo – it was something like half eleven at night when I finished and the flash is the best way of photographing the lace pattern.

I’ll have to be patient for the next clue (due on Saturday the 23rd, but no promise of what time of day).

I’ve also completed the first Gusset Heel Basic Sock, knitted in Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock

gusset heel sock 5I’m really happy with the fit as well as the look of the sock

gusset heel sock 6I just need to make sure I get the second sock started and keep going on it (the dreaded Second Sock Syndrome seems to have been determined to haunt me in recent times).

Not much knitting promised over the weekend because I’m preparing for the delivery of a new fridge-freezer and a new cooker on Monday (and for those in the UK, yes that is the Bank Holiday and no I had nothing to do with that choice of date!).

Oh, and I can now start learning to drive. Again!

365:155 (by dyedinthewool)


5 thoughts on “Tall Buildings in a Single Bound

  1. Very nice sock, gotta love the Lorna’s Laces. Congrats on the driving again. =) I love driving, it’s the one thing I can do when I can’t do anything else.

    and check you out, all ahead on the mystery shawl in spite of hips and cortisones and such – go you! =)


  2. Poor you….so much pain and so much enforced knitting time.
    And your license photo doesn’t look like a 1960s Eastern European Immigration picture at all!!!!!
    I like the lacy black bat picture too.


  3. I’m glad you’re feeling a better. UCK! There’s nothing worse than feeling helpless.

    Yay for driving! I’m trying to wrap my head around not having a driver’s license…living in big California my whole life, it would be impossible to not drive. I cut school on my 16th birthday and got my license and never looked back 🙂 Good luck with the driving!


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