WIP erm whatever day it is

WIP erm whatever day it is

I’m a little out of it because my hip’s decided to hate me. To be fair, I was reaching for a cup on a shelf and twisted but it shouldn’t have lead to this
That would be a cortisone injection directly into my hip muscle. If you think “well, that must have hurt” you’d be right!

Well, on to the Works In Progress:

1. The “Leprechaun” sweaters are motoring along, but they just look like the one I photographed only less finished!

2. Gusset Heel Basic Sock

gusset heel sock 4I’m playing a game of chicken with my nerve as to when I start the ribbing.  I think I’m almost there.  The fit is very good and the yarn is lovely.

3. Goddessknits Anniversary Mystery Shawl 09 (GKAMS09)

I started this three times before I got it right and I’ve already made a mistake design choice as to where I put the dividing stitches, but here I am at half way through clue 1

ms09 19-05-09I worked out that to finish in time for the next clue I have to complete 7 rows per day (I’m ahead of that at the moment).

My goals for the next week are:

  • Finish as many of the sweater ornaments as I can and start planning the little hangers that go with them
  • Complete clue 1 of the GKAMS09 and start clue 2 when it’s released
  • Complete the first Gusset Heel sock and cast of for the second (try and complete the toe)

Small admin note: I’m trying WordPress’ own photo hosting for this post.  Do the photos load faster than with Flickr?  Do you like the fact you can enlarge the photos without having to go to Flickr?  Do you prefer Flickr-hosted photos because you can comment or “favourite” them?  Had you noticed/do you care?


5 thoughts on “WIP erm whatever day it is

  1. Ouch! 😦

    I saw the new shawl knitalong had started but as I haven’t finished last year’s… *blushes* Your shawl looks lovely!


  2. That would be ‘option C’ for the photos. Ouch, I have the big needles in the hip to harvest bone marrow but at least I get the forgettting drug, hope your pain is soon forgotten as well. Sock is looking pretty good!!!
    Best of luck with the goals.


  3. Sorry about the pain in the butt I mean hip. All your knitting projects are coming along beautifully. As for the photos, I think they may have loaded faster, but I like Flickr too. So I’m in the undecided category.


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