When you Bloglines people get this …

When you Bloglines people get this …

Can you please switch to a feed-reading service that doesn’t suck? I use GoogleReader but there’s also NewsGator, the in-built one in Safari or Firefox and I’m sure a ton of others.

Even the founder of Bloglines uses GoogleReader, that’s how much it sucks.

Thank you for reading this service announcement.


7 thoughts on “When you Bloglines people get this …

  1. I switched to Google Reader a while back after Blogger kept delaying feeds for some sites. I like being able to go to the blog directly rather than reading the page in Blogger, too. It definitely does suck a lot. ROFL at the Blogger people even hating their own product!


  2. I would but I am a Luddite. I ha 302 feeds in Bloglines
    I don’t have the strength to visit each one and click on it and add it to Google reader. Is there an easier way? I do have a GR account with about 10 feeds added!!!


  3. OK, I am not technically a Luddite, but I am fast losing my memory. At some stage I managed to import all my feeds. Don.t ask me how, when, where or why. Sigh.


  4. Hmmmm…. I use bloglines but haven’t had any problems, but I know there are people subscribed to my blog through other feeds. I’ll have to look into making it easier to subscribe. I haven’t exercised my blog muscles in a while, I feel all rusty.


  5. Well I found the ‘subscribe to’ thing on my blog so it’s easier to subscribe via whatever feed reader one prefers. Like I said before, I still use bloglines, but I subscribe to yours by email as well – so I’m subscribed twice. Please don’t hate me for using bloglines when I’m too lazy to switch – lol


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