WIP/Random Wednesday

WIP/Random Wednesday

1. I made this little sweater for an ornament swap (well, it’s a prototype because one sleeve is longer than the other, so I’m keeping it) – I need to make 5 more.

cheers minisweater1 (by dyedinthewool)

Dice are for scale.

2. I’m slogging along on the Gusset Heel Basic Sock (and the yarn is still happy to be plain stocking stitch)

gusset heel sock 2 (by dyedinthewool)

3. I’m really enjoying this bit of Project Spectrum – it’s East with subcategories of Air and Wood so I’m taking lots of photos of trees and clouds

Poplar (by dyedinthewool)

4. I’ve rewound the Colourmart yarn ready for the Anniversary Shawl starting on Saturday (although I may be busy wrapping presents and baking a cake for my dad’s birthday)

colourmart rewound (by dyedinthewool)

5. I wrote a cheque (check) for the first time in two years. And I posted it in an actual postbox. I’m surprised I remembered how to do either of those things!

365:147 (by dyedinthewool)

6. Lancashire cricket club keep winning matches.  I’m not used to this – it’s unnerving

7. I’m overwhelmed by the positive response to the Candlelight Kimono – thank you so much!  There is already an errata, but you probably knew that!

8. And just so I can finish on my favourite number, see you next time! 😀

6 thoughts on “WIP/Random Wednesday

  1. The sock looks really cool – I need to learn that toe up gusset thing. Short row heels just aren’t deep enough for my foot, most of the time. Pretty tree/sky/clouds/holly bush shot =) Cute mini sweater, too, that’s tiny!


  2. That’s a nice tree, all out trees like that are losing their leaves. We like to shush ( you know, slide your feet along like you are skating) through all the dry leaves. I reckon it’s that long since I wrote a cheque too!! Very cute Tiny Jumper and nice Upwards Gusset though I still can’t be persuaded!!!


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