Bad habits, new leaves

Bad habits, new leaves

Well, it’s certainly spring here, no doubt about it

Rhododendron (by dyedinthewool)
Rhododendron – For Project Spectrum Cardinal Directions: East

It’s now light-ish at eight in the evening and the sound of chirruping birds is beginning to grate slightly!
With the extra daylight, I’m trying to get out of my old, bad habits of going to bed late and getting up later! If this summer is going to be the scorcher they promise (ha! Believe it when I see it) I’ll want to be up and about when it’s still cool.

And from breaking bad habits, come sprouting of new leaves (oh, I know it’s tenuous, but give me a break!)

I’ve decided that the Lorna’s Laces yarn really, really just wants to be a plain, stocking stitch sock and so I have conceded!

gusset heel sock 1 (by dyedinthewool)

Will be “Gusset Heel Basic Socks” from “Socks from the Toe Up” by Wendy D. Johnson

Another knitted item that is not happy with it’s current form is my Mystery Stole from last year:

ms4 21-10--08 (by dyedinthewool)
Before ripping

It’s decided it wants to be the 2009 Goddess Knits Anniversary Shawl instead.  It’s a-ripping we will go!

I’m this close to finishing the Ample Knitter’s cardigan so that may be the next thing that appears here (I know, can you stand the excitement?) but even if it’s not, I’ll blog again soon.


3 thoughts on “Bad habits, new leaves

  1. Some projects (and yarn) are SO fickle =) At least the stole made up it’s mind at long last, I’m sure it will be much happier as the Anniversary Shawl. Lorna’s Laces really does love being a simple sock, even though it was very happily a Dublin Bay sock once upon a time. Only a clock up the sides to fancy it up a tiny bit, but very happy of a sock it was.

    OH.. the Rhododendron pic is SO gorgeous. I think I need to venture out into new flowers, I’m getting bored with the roses, well… not really bored, I just need more variety.

    Can’t wait to see your cardi! yaaaay


  2. Some you win, some you lose. The good thing about wool is that if you don’t like what you have knitted you can unravel and start again!!! Lovely rhodos. My camellias are starting to bloom. It is dark here, sometimes, just after 5pm.


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