Don’t knit cables while distracted

Don’t knit cables while distracted

Why? Because this happens:


Can’t see it? Compare to the pattern and have a look at this


That cable is supposed to go under, not over. I wondered why it didn’t look quite right. I now have a dilemma; do I make the same mistake on the second glove or do I actually pay attention to the pattern this time and do it right. I’m not afraid of asymmetry, and would anyone actually notice if they were different? On the other hand …

Photo Projects:

I’ve signed myself up for Project Spectrum: Cardinal Directions (see the page I’ve set up for more details – eyes top). For March and April the theme is North (green, earth, minerals).

PS North mosaic

1. IMG_3327, 2. IMG_3326, 3. IMG_3313, 4. IMG_3311, 5. IMG_3287, 6. 365:076

I’m also still going with the self-portrait Project 365 (a photo a day for 365 days) and here’s my mosaic for February;

365 feb mosaic

Knitting Projects:

As well as the Knotty Gloves, I’m still working on Guided by Love socks as well as my Ample Knitter’s design and I’ve added a pair of Baudelaire socks to the pile


Oh, yes!  Sorry to keep you in suspence about the holiday thing!  Turns out my grandma might not be able to fly (and if she can, she might find getting insurance nearly impossible).  She does have a back-up plan of Pembrokeshire (Wales) which she can drive to!  She wasn’t keen on the Barcelona idea, so I’ve decided that I could do that myself at some point in the future.  Thanks for the advice anyway, and I’ll certainly add a couple of those places to my “must see” list (it’s getting longer, not shorter!)


6 thoughts on “Don’t knit cables while distracted

  1. I do like the green, on the blog and in the Project!! I’ve just made a cable mistake too, and I am going to do some duplicate stitch over it and hope for the best: i’t’s nine cables every 6 rows, and 19 inches. So I am just not undoing it.
    Wales must be nice this time of year?? All singing and leeks and Jon Pertwee?? (I have watched too much of The Goodies)
    The Baudelaires, I made them. They are lovely!! I can only find one. That is not so lovely. I did mine upside down.


    1. Holy cashmere – I wasn’t going to rip the first glove out! What do you take
      me for, a knitting-masochist?!?! The consensus seems to be “make the same
      mistake twice” so I’ll go with sage advice!


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