I need some travel advice

I need some travel advice

If you could go somewhere with Winter sun (April – avoiding Easter) within a 2-3 hour flight of Manchester (UK) where would you go?

This would be for me and my grandmother (the one I visited in January), so nowhere with giant hills and no buses!

It needs to be somewhere with good/extensive public transport.

I know a few words of Spanish and a few phrases in French, but no Portuguese.  I’m sure I’d be able to pick up a few essential phrases before I go, so that’s not too much of a problem.  I’m kind of ruling out Northern/Eastern Europe because, you know, no sun!

So far I’ve quickly looked at Barcelona, Mallorca, Southern France, Corsica or maybe Malta (but I’ve already been there, so maybe not!).  I’m after personal experiences (where you loved, where you didn’t, not necessarily limited to the places I’ve picked out) or places you want to go, but haven’t.  I’m also open to tour operator/airline/hotel recommendations.


7 thoughts on “I need some travel advice

  1. The areas around Portofino, Italy are BEAUTIFUL. There is Santa Margarita and then all the villages of Cinque Terre. The train runs up and down the coast there and it is absolutely stunning. We stayed in a hotel in Portofino called the Hotel Piccolo and it was clean and new and reasonable for the area. The airport is Genoa and maybe Ryanair fly there? It is one of my most favorite places. There is a great website called sidestep.com that compares all the different travel websites on one page, hotels, flights, car hire, etc. And if you go to a bookshop and look at the Lonely Planet books, they always have excellent advice.
    Have fun.


  2. Awesome advice – thanks. I’m checking the links out now. I’m somewhat leaning towards Barcelona ATM. I’ve checked and there is an abundance of vegetarian restaurants and I think I could cram in some Spanish learning. Now to convince my grandmother! 😀


  3. I’ve not been myself, but I’ll second the vote for Cinque Terra. My parents stayed there at a great little place (they are frugal, so it wasn’t crazy expensive, I could get the name if you wanted) and loved it. The pictures they took are fabulous!


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