Yarny Goodness

Yarny Goodness

Well, if I use it up, I have to replace it, right?

I’ve successfully spent all of my Christmas and Birthday money from my grandmothers and here are (some of) the results:


Top to Bottom: Gothic Rose (that I’m affectionately calling Zombie Rose), Midnight Tempest, Tornado. From Krafty Koala.


At-frickin’-last, I remembered to order this book!  I’m a little happy.

The rest of the “stuff” will be arriving in April when they are released. Want to wait until then to find out?

Anyway, the Tornado (bottom in the photo above) has been immediately put to work making one of these;


Hopefully I’ll get around to making the other Knotty Glove!  This is my first actual glove with 4 fingers and a thumb.  No, really.  All the other hand-coverings I’ve made have been mittens or had some or all of the tips of the fingers missing.  I haven’t knit the pattern exactly as directed (now there’s a surprise!), but I’ll detail my modifications in the FO post.

Speaking of one half of a pair


I finished the first Guided by Love sock.  It’s very comfortable to wear and the Braille on the cuff is a great touch!  And before someone asks, no I won’t send you a copy of the pattern.  Yes, I’ve been asked.

Great comments on my Class of 2005 “award”.  Something was nagging at the back of my brain that I’d been blogging since 2004 and I was right!  The 8th of October 2004, to be somewhat more precise.  I’ve not really celebrated my blogging anniversary, but maybe I should?


7 thoughts on “Yarny Goodness

  1. What exciting gifts you have chosen!! Very nice sock, very nice glove. Has your blog design been different for a while or have I just been preoccupied??


  2. @2Paw – the blog-redesign was done yesterday. I fancied a change!
    And re: the Braille – it spells out “Guided by Love” which is, coincidentally, the name of the pattern! 😉


  3. COOL – Braille on socks, what will they think of next? Nice yarny goodness, btw =) and either you knit that long glove super fast… or I’ve been asleep or something. It’s awesome. I have YET to do anything with fingers. Not sure why I am intimidated by fingers?


  4. The glove was really quick to knit once I’d done the ribbing and the cable. The fingers weren’t as bad as I’d anticipated and I think I’ve done a fairly good job on the joins between them.

    Re: the Nancy B book – I’ve already earmarked Whitby and the stocking pattern as must-do socks


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