Who knew I had staying power?

Who knew I had staying power?

Thanks to Margene, I have found myself amongst such luminaries as Wendyknits and Grumperina (ha, ha!)- knit bloggers who have been schleping since 2005 (you’ll probably have to do control+F and type “dyed” to find me – I’m near the bottom!).

The evil genius behind this, Kathryn, asked some questions of those of us who have persevered, so I’m going to do my best to answer them.

* Would you keep your same hosting site?

Well, I moved from blogger to wordpress because the former was doing my head in, so I’d highly recommend people starting with wordpress in the first place!
* Would you post more or less often?

I think I’ve got the right post-frequency for myself, but over-all I’d probably post more frequently and consistently.
* What has been your biggest reward?

Meeting like-minded people (some of whom I may even push into the almost-friend category – steady on!) and, if I can have two, increasing my self-confidence.
* How about your biggest frustration?

It’s a toss-up between technology, not enough hours in the day and the discovery of real nastiness in the universe.
* If you were starting a blog today, what would you do differently?

  1. Start with WordPress
  2. not stress about the number of people reading or commenting
  3. read more blogs first to get a feel of what makes a “good” blog
  4. have a clean interface
  5. learn how to take good pictures
  6. participate in other people’s blogs
  7. register on technorati straight away
  8. offer ways to subscribe to the blog, on the blog
  9. don’t lie/fake your own death
  10. don’t try and imitate anyone/be jealous of other people because they have more readers.

OK – 9 isn’t for/about me, but it’s a good rule for SOME PEOPLE!!!

So, to conclude, it’s been fun/interesting/educational.


7 thoughts on “Who knew I had staying power?

  1. You made me go and look to see when I first started blogging( Sept 2004) My word, that’s the longest I have kept any sort of diary. Who pretended they were dead???
    I’d just like to say you are never near the bottom in my books!!!


  2. Congrats on persevering, I might have been on that list if there hadn’t been so many mishaps with blogging =) I think I started blogging in 2004, too. It’s nice to have some things stay the same when everything around us changes so much. Glad to have you on my friend type list thing =)


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