Because I’m catching up on stuff..

Because I’m catching up on stuff..

(Knitting content below)

And MrsDrWho tagged me, here are “6 Quirky but boring facts about me”

  1. I can wiggle my ears (independently of each other) up and down; a skill I inherited from my father’s father.
  2. My second toe is the same length as my big toe; I got that one from my dad
  3. I have a coffee cup and a tea cup and tea should never be put in the coffee cup or vice verse – they taste wrong.
  4. I am right handed but pour the kettle, the milk, etc left handed.  If I pour right handed I judge the distance wrong and spill.
  5. I tend not to have the exact same haircut for more than 6 months
  6. Lists of even numbers make me nervous
  7. Ahh…. that’s better! 😀

Link to the person who tagged you.
Mention the rules.
Tell six quirky yet boring, unspectacular details about yourself.
Tag six other bloggers by linking to them.
Go to each person’s blog and leave a comment that let’s them know they’ve been tagged.
Not bothering with that, but if you’d like to share your own personal crazy, I’d be more than happy to laugh and point read your list

Progress on my Guided by Love sock

gbl 05-02-09 2

gbl 05-02-09 1

Not bad, huh?!

The throat is better (thanks for the good wishes) but I’m still feeling a bit dopey (who’d notice) and my hearing is a bit down (huh? Pardon?).

Until next time …


3 thoughts on “Because I’m catching up on stuff..

  1. You do know the joke about why none of the dwarves were attracted to Snow White don’t you???
    I kind of forgot to do bits of the tagging rules myself…incompetence on my part.


  2. 8. Do I know that joke??
    9. Is it rude or witty??
    10. Nice sock, love the travelling holes.
    11. Glad to hear you are feeling well again, almost.
    12. Lists of Odd numbers make me more than uneasy, but I feel much better now!!!


  3. I can only wiggle one ear independently – weird
    oh and I am right handed but do left handed cartwheels, or I did in those days when I did that.
    (we are still a little twinly lol)


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