The Good, the Bad and the Kleenex

The Good, the Bad and the Kleenex

The Good?

I cast on my February Sockdown Challenge sock on the 1st of the month and I’ve made it this far;

gbl 02-02-09 1

gbl 02-02-09 2

The pattern is a no-longer-available pattern called Guided by Love.  Yarn is Regia Silk 4ply.  There will be beads.

The bad?

That would be the reason I was able to knit so much in a day and a bit – a cold.  I felt it sneaking up on me last week but it really slammed me over the weekend.  It’s one of those where your throat feels like you gargled with half of the Sahara, then dried it out with a hairdryer and then washed it down with a glass of cranberry juice.  It’s dry.  You probably got that.

I’ve not been keeping up with other people’s blogs so if anything seismic has occurred I’ve probably missed it.  Of course, I have been keeping abreast of the latest knitting-related zombie drama (now with added postal fraud!).  I’m not sure what I can say legally, so I think I’ll leave it at that!

The Kleenex?

Not quite there yet – fingers crossed it’s just the sore throat and the cotton-wool-head.

3 thoughts on “The Good, the Bad and the Kleenex

  1. Hope you feel better soon!

    I love Kristi’s sock pattern. I haven’t knit it yet, but I bought it when she had it for sale. Yours is looking great.


  2. Cool start to your new sock, can’t wait to see the beaded part. Hope your feel better super soon. Nothing seismic in my blog, although there probably will be soon. (the only thing that remains the same is that everything changes) lol


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