This ‘n’ that

This ‘n’ that

Watch as this female specimen of Homo sapiens emerges, blinking, into the post-Christmas and New Year light.  Shell-shocked from actually having people to entertain during this time, she managed without resorting to excess amounts of chocolate. I don’t have photos of the two young Swedes who visited (they were male and all together too young, so mind out of the gutter) but I do have photos of the cake


Hmm… one of those dots of marzipan looks like PacMan! 😀

the hat I started (and finished) for my brother


Flappy hat (only available via Ravelrymy project page)

the sock I cast on just after midnight on New Year’s Day


my first (and so far, only) cousin on our first meeting


She’s the one on the left – isn’t she cute?!  Kind of looks like a Vulcan to me (that’s a good thing, by the way), but I’m a geek !

and an update on the socks from the 1st of January

vortical 06-01-09 1

Vortical socks from Knotions Winter 2008 issue in Sock it Too Me Puzzle

So, to conclude – I’ve been busy!  I know!  It’s not going to stop any time soon, either.  My birthday’s on Thursday (which I’m hoping will be quiet) and then I’m off to Wales on Tuesday to act as secretary for my Grandma (definitely not a holiday!). I’ll be looking forward to any chance to stop and breath, but I’m not sure if that will happen soon enough!