On sanity and coughs

I’ve got one and not the other – fancy guessing which is which?!

Maybe this will give you a clue?


Yes, I have a cold and I think I inhaled mould spores.  I do not do things by halves, me.  The mask is because I am now a lean-ish, mean-ish mould-killing machine.  HIYA!  Take THAT!

So, on to the thing I don’t have; my sanity.

I am a member of the Ample Knitter’s Yahoo Group because I fulfil both criteria for joining!  Anyway, I shared my  Torbay cardigan, which was warmly received, and I was then contacted by the list owner, Pam.  She said she had been wanting to run a knit along for the group with a garment designed specifically for the group and it’s members.  After a couple of days of thinking, I agreed to design something.


I have no idea.  In any case, here’s what I’ve come up with, in sketch-form;



No stealing of photos, please!

And this is the yarn I’ve picked:


Patons UK Serenity DK; a cotton/bamboo yarn.

I’ll be swatching as soon as I’ve finished my Christmas-type knitting and I’m aiming to start the KAL in February or March.  I intended it to be a garment for a Northern Hemisphere Spring or a Southern Hemisphere Autumn.

The pattern will only be available via the Yahoo Group (at least for the time being) and will be FREE!!!!

Again, I’m an idiot!


Does my Santa have boobs?


6 thoughts on “On sanity and coughs

  1. I will be joining you in the mould-killing excercise. We have a BIG problem in our bathroom and have to do it every couple of months. No veniltation + a crappy landlord = mouldy bathroom. I’ve just made you think I’m a real skank now – promise the rest of the house is good.
    The serentiy yarn is lovely, I have some that I’ve never found the right pattern for, I may have to keep an eye out for yours.


  2. At least decorate the mask suitably for the holidays woman!!!
    Would a touch of holly or a smidgen of glitter be so difficult???
    Mould is not a Christmas colour.
    And yes…your Santa has boobs.
    And I am not stealing your photos of your sketches of your plan for a something I couldn’t knit in a gold glittery fit !!!!


  3. No, they are Santa’s hands encased in quite big mittens!!
    I thought you were mad and that was a nurse in the ward prtecting her identity. Hope you kill all the germs.
    Yes, then, you are mad but I am sure the group will appreciate your hard work. I shall not steal your photos either. We have that wool here though!! Wonder of wonders!!!


    • Take a closer look at Mr/Mrs Santa – he/she already has hands in little
      green mittens! I think it’s supposed to be a berry because the back is
      all bobbly as well – it’s just very strange!


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