FO: Sassy Socks With a Difference

FO: Sassy Socks With a Difference


Pattern: (name, author, source) Toe Up Socks With a Difference (PDF) by Wendy Johnson from [My Ravelry Project Page]

toeupdiff2Size(s): (to fit, finished size) To fit 9″ foot, knit standard as pattern

Yarn: (name, fibre, weight, colour) Cascade Sassy Stripes in colour 769, wool/nylon fingering weight (from OldBean – contest prize)

Needles: (size, material, style) Two 2.25 mm circular needles for two-socks-two-circulars method

Knitting style: (for stitch patterns) English for stocking stitch in the round and Combination for ribbing and heel

Heel and toe style: Judy’s Magic Cast on, flat toe and toe-up gusset heel with flap.

Modifications: None (I know – you may have to lie down now!)


sockwithadiffheel2No problems with the pattern; it’s very clearly written and I got a pair of socks that fit well.

The yarn (which I don’t think is available in the UK – feel free to prove me wrong!) feels quite hard-wearing and would be a good basic sock yarn to have in your stash.  The stripes do repeat but there are long intervals and the stripes are not even.  It’s for this main reason that I didn’t bother trying to make the socks identical.

sockswithadiffheelThe “difference” in these socks is due to the gusset increases being placed on the bottom of the foot, rather than on the sides.  Other than aesthetics, I can’t see any fit advantage to placing the increases here.  That’s not to say there’s no point knitting them, but there’s no need to abandon a “standard” toe-up gusset-heel sock pattern.

I knit these socks because I needed another pair of wool socks with a decent leg length and at least I can now say I’ve knit them!


8 thoughts on “FO: Sassy Socks With a Difference

  1. Keep meaning to try toe-ups again, didn’t like short row heel so this pattern with heel flap looks worth a go.
    Just because I love proving people wrong – cascade sassy stripes used to be available from get knitted but is still available from
    Its a shame it’s not stocked more as I have some in a wip for boyfriend and it does seem a nice hardwearing, but still soft yarn.


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