Now with added crochet!

Now with added crochet!

Hang on!  Come back!  Sorry for mentioning the c-word, I promise this isn’t going to turn into a crochet blog!

See how pretty?

treenah 02-12-08 2

I love the texture you can achieve with crochet and how lacy stitch patterns are so much easier.

And also – woohoo!  I managed to start with 41 stitches and I currently have 41 stitches.

treenah 02-12-08 1

3 pattern repeats of the lace.  You’ll have to trust me that the sides are straight; the lace part pulls in quite a lot.

You have no idea how happy this makes me!  The above is the Treenah scarf from the inaugural issue of The Inside Loop and is destined for my neighbour’s neck.

I keep checking and it does look like the pattern photograph.  The designer used alpaca, but my neighbour can’t have anything woolly/itchy near her, so I’m using an acrylic.  I’m hoping I’ll be able to block it out and I may even apply heat to try and “kill” the yarn so it stays blocked.

An “interesting” week:

The past seven days haven’t been easy because it contained anniversaries of both of my grandfather’s deaths.  It’s also been very cold and I don’t do well when the temperature drops below about 20 C!

Look what happened on Saturday:



More traditional pursuits:

I’ve been knitting steadily on my three active projects and here is where I am with all of them;

Veste Everest/Cricket vest for my mum:

vesteeverest 02-12-08

4 repeats completed, with 1 full repeat of 14 rows plus 12 rows to go before armhole shaping.

Toe Up Socks with a Difference:

sockswithdiff 02-12-08

Just knitting around on the leg now – totally mindless, but has to be done!

Mystery socks/Mad for Plaid:

mysterysocks 02-12-08

I’m only doing a couple of rounds a day on these so it’s slow-going and I’m still on the gusset decreases on the second sock.  The first sock’s toe has been grafted.

Erm … yeah.  So.  A mixed time in the past seven days, but could have been worse!

If you celebrated Thanksgiving I hope it went well.  As well as large gatherings of family ever can, of course!

Next time, I’ll tell you why I agreed to design a garment for a knit along for free!  Hint: the answer may involve questioning my mental stability!

3 thoughts on “Now with added crochet!

  1. Ahh you are so busy despite the temperature and everyhting is looking so good. I don’t do so well when it is ABOVE 20*C!! Nice crocheting, I ‘sully’ my blog quite regularly with things that aren’t knitting!! Oh can’t wait for the mental stability report!!


  2. I’m sure you know this, but be careful with the heat and acrylic – we melted some once and it weren’t purty =)

    Everything looks great! I’m glad someone out there can comprehend the crochet instructions. I just look at it and boggle.


  3. You’d think I’d remember plastic + heat = not good, but you’d be surprised!

    Also – 😦 I’m not a comment-hoar, but I need affirmation, people. I’m very insecure, you know. And what Kate said about the kittens in the last blog isn’t true – really, it isn’t! 😀


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