Knitterice Allsorts

Knitterice Allsorts

First things first; dudes!  Thank you so much for all the postive feedback on Esme and Torbay.  Within 12 hours of The Inside Loop going live, someone had finished an Esme hat!  Want to see?  Go here and revel in it’s better-than-the-original glory.


I’m getting there.  I may not be a pair-of-socks-in-four-days gal, but when I apply myself, I don’t do too badly.

First, the Mystery Socks, or Mad For Plaid as they shall now be called:


The red “dots” down the sole is my running yarn marker.  I move it forwards and backwards every two rounds so it makes counting rounds and matching the other sock much easier!

Sock 1 is finished (well, I’ve got the toe to graft, but that’ll take about 2 minutes!) and sock 2 is ready to have stitches picked up around the heal flap.  Just to remind you that the cuff doesn’t look like it’s supposed to because I put the purl row before the knit row (this makes sense if you have the pattern, but never mind!)

Next, my second pair for the November Sock-along on Ravelry, Wendy’s Toe Up Socks with a Difference


The difference is that the gusset increases are on the sole of the foot

sockwithadiffheel2 sockswithadiffheel

To wear, they don’t feel much different so, apart from looking different, I’m not sure what the advantage would be to make a pair like this.  Having said that, when I’ve finished I’ll be able to say I’ve knit them and won’t have discarded the idea without the practical application!

Cricket Vest:

I have before and after shots for this one




vesteeverest24-11-08 2

Can’t really see much difference, but I ripped the whole thing out and start again.  Definition of irony? After years of knitting stuff for my mum that turned out too small, she looses weight and I knit something too big!

I’m now knitting the smallest size (26″ finished bust) but I’ve omitted every alternate cable panel to give it more of a cricket vest look (and hopefully to stretch the yardage a little bit further), so it’s coming out about 38″ finished.

Finally (and rather sadly):

To the person who did a “Print Screen” of one of my photos, cropped out the blog address I superimpose on my photos to stop people doing this and then uploaded it to Blogger’s image server – not cool.  You know who you are, I know who you are.  If the image isn’t removed, I’ll name you.  And next time you steal someone’s property you might not want to link back to their blog because it shows up on their stats.


5 thoughts on “Knitterice Allsorts

  1. Oh no, not a kitten. MrsDrWho, Do Not Panic, it’s not true, a kitten doesn’t really die.
    Why are people stealing your pictures, not that I think they’re not worthy of stealing, but why????
    What very different socks with the increases there.
    I’m Mad for Plaid!!!! Actually I’m just mad.


  2. Funniest thing about the person who stole my photo? Their page is “protected” by Copyscape and “can’t be plagiarised”! Photo and link are still up – and the kitten thing did make me laugh! 😀

    And 2Paw – I don’t know. It’s not being passed off as their own, it’s credited with being my photo, but no permission was sought and it’s not even hotlinked.


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