Hollywood stars holidaying on the French Riviera in the late 1950s was my inspiration for this cardigan (although it is named for an area on the South coast of England known as the “English Riviera”).
Torbay is knit from the neck down in a seamless yoke style and features a simple cable down both fronts, garter stitch welts, and trims in a contrasting yarn.

torbay amy pickard 3

If I look like I’m melting, it’s because I took these photos in June, on the one day of Summer we had this year!

torbay amy pickard 2

Anyway, I like top down cardigans, but I wanted something a bit different to the usual raglans.  I love the look of yoke cardigans and so with much head-scratching and a lot of maths, I created “Torbay”.

For me, it’s the little details in this design like the contrast colour cast on and the garter stitch welts.  But I’m biased!

torbay amy pickard 4

I nearly tore my hair out trying to get the maths right for each of the sizes (which I had to work out individually) but I hope you will agree that it’s worth it!

torbay amy pickard 1

Name: Torbay cardigan from the Winter issue of The Inside Loop

Yarn: Patons Diploma Gold Aran (180 m/100 g) in colour: Cocoa 08218

Size made: 43 inches to fit 44.75 inches/109 cm to fit 114 cm

torbay amy pickard 5

The End! 😀

9 thoughts on “Torbay

  1. Oh…veeeeeeeeeery nice.
    Just thinking about the maths involved makes my head ache…and I have NO IDEA what maths was involved!!!!
    I love all the Patons Knitting Pattern Book posing you have going on! In your previous post too…very Elle McPhersonish….if she was broke and needed to model for Patons Knits!



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