FO: Meret (Mystery Beret)

FO: Meret (Mystery Beret)


Pattern: (name, author, source): Meret (Mystery Beret) by Woolly Wormhead (only available through Ravelry) [My Ravelry Project Page]

Size(s): (to fit, finished size): Medium Extra Slouchy to fit 21″ head


Yarn: (name, fibre, weight, colour): worsted weight un-dyed wool/angora bought from Knitting Kitties

Needles: (size, material, style) 100 cm 5 mm circular aluminium (Magic Loop technique used)

Knitting style: (for stitch patterns): Combination for ribbing, continental for lace.


Modifications: None.

Notes: This was my first mystery hat-along and I really enjoyed it!  The clues were pretty short so, for the most part, I completed them within the day but that suited me fine.


I was originally going to dye the yarn but I really like the natural colour and so I’m not messing with it!


I knit the “Extra Slouchy” version and, although I hit the unblocked row tension, it’s not what I would call “extra slouchy”.  However, I think slouchiness is a subjective term and it turned out about as slouchy as I wanted!


I have a fair bit of the yarn left, so I’m considering matching mitts or a cowl.


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