Proof I can’t read

Proof I can’t read

See this sock?


The cuff?  Yeah – nice, right?  See the heel?  Also nice.  The cuff is supposed to look like the heel.  D’oh.

I’m soldering-on and will replicate my mistake on the second sock, but it would have been nice to have something that looks like the pattern Debi made.

Since Clue 2 is finished, I’ve started the second sock and made reasonable progress this evening.

Another Clue 2 which has been successfully completed is the Woolly Wormhead Mystery Beret KAL.

mysteryberetclue2 3 mysteryberetclue2 1

En tête

mysteryberetclue2 2

Off tête

Cute, non?

In other news …

I’ve started what is turning out to be the world’s worst washcloth


It’s supposed to have straight sides.  It does not.  And there I was, thinking I’d finally cracked this crochet racquet.

Speaking of ball sports, I’ve also made a start on my mum’s cricket vest


I know.  Singularly unimpressive, but there it is.  I’m working both the back and front simultaneously to avoid Second Sock Vest Syndrome.  The yarn is O-Wool Balance in proper Lancashire and England cricketing colours of red (well, it’s a bit pink, really) and cream.

Thanks and tech-talk

Finally, a quick thanks to all the compliments on my shawl.  I had a kind of rough week with family stuff and it was wonderful to wake up to those comments.  I’ve worn the shawl 3 or 4 times since I finished it and it’s so versatile.  (Not an advert, promise) I know the price of the finished pattern seems steep, but I worked out that you can have over 200 variations from one pattern.  Seriously.

And finally, finally; the comment reply thingy is working now and I can reply to comments and have them show up right here.  This will help in keeping discussions going and also allow me to answer questions so that everyone can see them.  WordPress will, eventually, have threaded comments like some online forums you may have seen.

This means if Person B replied to Person A’s comment, it will show up in that way.  Anyway, it’s cool and a bit geeky, but there you have it!

Catch y’all on the flip side.  Or not.  Whatever! 😀


6 thoughts on “Proof I can’t read

  1. Choose your own adventure socks then?? Nice hat, on or off your tete (I can’t make the circumflex)
    Share wonky stories with MrsDrWho. She sits and looks at me and says ‘I’ve dropped a stitch” and I swear she’s doing the sad look from LOLCats.
    Oh, cricket vest!!!! I have no idea what our colours are. I hope they are green!!
    Hope you boogelliness is over and all is well!!


  2. I think the shawl pattern is great. Ha! I even paid for a copy after the KAL was over despite having all the clues for free…


    1. LOL @MrsDrWho – I may have gone to the Dark Side with the crochet, but
      until I learn to make a rectangle with straight sides, I don’t hold out
      much hope for my success.

      @Anne – I love Ruth’s designs because they are unusual without being
      totally wacky.

      Thanks for the well wishes, April. Without giving away the pattern, I
      messed up with reading the instructions and, instead of K 3 rounds, P 1
      rnd, I K 2, P1, K1. Duh!


  3. Have you been assimilated?
    Are you Borg?
    You seem to have metal implants in your face….a much better look than the white wookie effect I had in 2paw’s post though!
    Wonky knitting and I are old friends….the sock looks fine to me by the way…but of course I can’t knit a straight scarf so perhaps my opinion isn’t worth a lot.
    Yep…my scarves and your wash cloth are cousins…really close cousins!


  4. Sorry about the rough week =( hope things have gotten better since. The cuff just looks inside out – but that’s from a distance – the colors are cool =)*) I really like the way the hat is going, looks like a fun pattern. I might be able to knit again if I would stop sleeping for 3 hours after school every day


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