November madness

November madness

I seem to be the Max Mosley of knitting (possibly a British-only joke, so here’s the relevant news story) and so I’ve signed myself up for the Woolly Wormhead Mystery Beret KAL and the November Mystery Sock-along.  Both are hosted over at Ravelry and you have to be a member to get the patterns (the waiting list is about 3 days now, I think).

I had no suitable yarn in my stash for the hat; a complete shock to the system as I thought I would have.  The wonderful Knitting Kitties saw my pathetic plea over on Plurk and I bought some lovely wool/angora (or was it wool/alpaca?) un-dyed worsted from her.


As you can see, I haven’t quite managed to wind all of the skein into a ball.  I can’t find the essential bits of the swift my dad made me so I had to stretch the skein between my feet.  In addition, my ball winder maxes out at about 60g so I had to improvise with a loo roll tube!

The first clue for the hat is just the brim so it shouldn’t take me too long to get that finished.

The second “along” is due to start on the 1st of November and the only thing I know is it’s been designed by Debi and it’s a slip stitch mosaic pattern.

I chose my three colours and make a little swatch to see how they’d work together


Black and white (below) shows tonal value – the greater the number of shades of grey, the better.

I think I like it!  The purple is Opal Uni, the orange/yellow is some Kool-Aid dyed Knit Picks Bare sock yarn and the blue is Regia Stretch.

I’ve finished something as well (if you can count something which took about 3 hours to make as deserving it’s own fanfare)

toecap1 toecap2

It’s a little toe cap for my mum’s frozen tozen.  She has Reynaud’s (?sp) Disease and in the Winter (and the Autumn and Spring, come to think about it) her hands and feet get very cold because there is little blood flow.  She’ll wear this over a cotton sock and under a woollen sock or two.


The yarn is Sock it Too Me Puzzle (as seen in my mum’s birthday socks from earlier this year) and the whole thing used about 6 g of yarn.  Not bad, huh?

And finally …

anniversary shawl 31-10-08

I’m making progress (albeit slow) on the Anniversary Shawl border.  I have a scant 5/12ths of the border remaining to apply.  It’s wonderful to finally see the shawl coming off the needles stitch by stitch.  I’m really looking forward to blocking this thing and actually using it!

Oh, forgot to mention, I’m part of a test on WordPress regarding replying to comments.  The way it’s supposed to work is I reply via the email notification and my reply shows up on the blog.  I’ve done that twice, and neither have appeared.  I’ve emailed support but if you ask a question I’ll do my best to reply using the email address you supply and not just hit the “Reply” button.


5 thoughts on “November madness

  1. Joining in for your test here! And besides, your knitting is wonderful! The toe caps are a good idea–I have a lot of neuropathy in my feet and my toes often “feel” cold even when they are warm to the touch, so I sympathize with your mum!
    Your anniversary shawl is going to be lovely. That’s a great color!


  2. I am always amazed at how many projects you can handle at once and how much progress you can make on ALL of them. They all look awesome, and I can’t wait to see the shawl blocked, too! eeeeeee!


  3. Thanks guys!

    April – I think I get my mad ninja management skillz from when I was doing my degree – I had to manage two very disparate courses at the same time.

    The comment reply thing still isn’t working. I’m not sure I can back out of the beta test so I’m making do with what I can.


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