FO: Gedifra Stripe scarf and wrist warmers

FO: Gedifra Stripe scarf and wrist warmers

stripe scarf2

Hurrah!  I have made a weather-appropriate item of knitwear at the right time of year!

stripe scarf8

I love the colours in the scarf.  I’m not a big fan of grey and green, but I think they are more than outweighed by the orange and brown.

The yarn was a sale-item impulse buy but I really think it was worth it.

stripe scarf7

You may be wondering why someone who can knit lace and cables and designs their own knitwear is getting so excited over something as simple as a scarf!  I think it’s precisely because of it’s simplicity; it does what it says on the tin!

stripe scarf4

The scarf is very warm and the perfect length for me and the wrist warmers were the perfect item to use up the last of the yarn.

Name: Noro Stripe Scarf un-pattern by Jared Flood [Ravelry Project Page]

Yarn: Gedifra Fashion Trend Stripe in colours 4612 and 4622 (wool/acrylic chunky yarn).  Used approx. 1.6 balls of each colour

Size: About 66″ (168 cm) long by 5.25″ (13.5 cm) wide

Notes/Modifications: I cast on 33 stitches because of the thicker yarn and it came out more-or-less the same width as Brooklyn Tweed’s scarf.

I cast the scarf on using a temporary method because I wanted the two ends to look the same.

stripe scarf1

One end (the top one in the photo) was more successful than the other; this was the “end” of the scarf, as opposed to the “beginning”.  I don’t think it’s very obvious from a distance and it’s certainly better than my attempts at a tubular cast on would have been.

I decided to stop knitting the scarf when it reached 5′ 6″ and, being the Scottish/Welsh/Yorkshire/Lancastrian that I am, I found a way of using the remaining yarn.

stripe scarf6

Name: Freedom Mitts (link to pattern PDF) by Jen Kubeck [Ravelry Project Page]

Yarn: as the scarf.

Notes/modifications: apart from a few mistakes on my part/possible pattern errata and making them a bit shorter than the pattern due to running out of yarn, no changes made.

stripe mitts2

Would you like to see my photographic assistant, Mr C. O’mpost-Bin:

photo assistant

It’s all class, all the time ’round ‘ere! 😀


6 thoughts on “FO: Gedifra Stripe scarf and wrist warmers

  1. See, all that k1, p1 was worth it in the end ! longer scarves are always better. More versatile. There’s nothing worse, in the world of scarves, than a not quite long enough scarf !
    Anyway, it and the wristwarmers look fab. You’ll be so very glad you made them when the January temp weather hits this week. Brrrr.


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